2018 Street Reconstruction Projects

Engineering staff completed planning for the 2018 street reconstruction season, and projects 18-1 and 18-2 commenced on May 14, 2018. Project 18-3 is anticipated to occur in 2019. 

The majority of the project cost will be paid for by the City, with a portion proposed to be assessed to benefiting properties. A public hearing was conducted on February 20, 2018, and assessments were adopted May 1, 2018. For more information on special assessments, click here for our Assessing Department.

Staff held two rounds of open house meetings over the winter, providing property owners an opportunity to learn more about the general scope of the projects, ask questions, and share any related property or neighborhood concerns such as underground sprinkler system locations, drainage issues, safety hazards, etc. Neighborhood meetings were held in Aspen and Thorpe Parks prior to construction to provide schedule and contact information (also sent via US mail). The meetings provided impacted residents and business owners an opportunity to meet project staff and share any additional questions or comments. If you have questions throughout construction, contact Engineering any time.

2018 Street Reconstruction Summary of Plans