Zero Waste Program

In the interest of reducing greenhouse gases, the Coon Rapids Civic Center is striving to be a zero waste facility We provide the opportunity for you to hold a Zero Waste event by encouraging you to use either compostable or organic service-ware, or reusable plates and flatware. We also encourage you to sort your waste at the end of your event into Recycling, Organic, and Trash receptacles. A Zero Waste Event produces less than 1 ounce of trash per person which is much less than a traditional event!

Reduce the amount of natural resources that are used by making careful choices before, during, and after your event which helps to reduce your impact on the environment. Use reusable items whenever possible and recycle or compost the rest.

When planning your event, consider the following:

  • If using a caterer, select one who is zero-waste certified
  • Include information about your Zero Waste Event on your invitations
  • Request that gifts are wrapped in biodegradable or recyclable paper
  • Ensure that all dining-ware (cups, plates, and flat-ware) are either reusable or compostable (where-to-purchase links are below)
  • Ensure that all table decorations are reusable or compostable (examples include potted plants or baskets of produce)
  • Ensure that all materials end up in the proper receptacles and dumpsters for pick up
  • Consider having staff or volunteers assist guests as they properly sort their materials in to the appropriate bin

Print off our helpful checklist (PDF)

Go Green - 10 Tips for Planning Your Eco-Friendly Event

Sources for compostable materials:


Biodegradable Products Institute

Eco Products

Green Paper Products


(The Coon Rapids Civic Center offers these resources as sources of information only. The facility has no affiliation with any entity.)

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