Water System Maintenance

Maintaining the Water System

The Utilities Division is responsible operating and maintaining Coon Rapids' water system. This includes:

  • Curbstop locating
  • Watermain breaks
  • Hydrant repair and flushing
  • Leak detection
  • Water sampling

The Utilities Division staff are trained in all aspects of operation, maintenance and repairs.

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Well Systems

Both water treatment facilities have licensed staff who monitor, inspect and repair water filtration equipment.

Water main breaks are often caused by soil shifting beneath roadways and frost and temperature fluctuations during winter months. Breaks also occur simply due to age. Utilities and Public Works personnel respond by making necessary repairs both to the affected water main and roadway.

The Utilities Division is responsible for installing and repairing commercial and residential water meters. Locating water shutoffs and other related valves is another important task. Once located, valves are mapped and recorded into the City's GIS mapping system for future reference. GIS is also used to record data regarding location of fire hydrants, water main breaks and other related repairs.