Whipple Farm

The Whipple Farm is located on 121st Avenue and Hanson Boulevard. The original farmland was entered on the Abstract of Title on April 18, 1856. A patent was issued on April 3, 1857.

Original Farm

The Whipple family owned the farm from 1934 to 1941. There were 10 buildings on the farm, all painted white, including the various barns, which soon gave it the name White City. The buildings consisted of:

  • 2 cattle barns
  • 2 large sheds
  • Butchering shed
  • Chicken coop
  • Coal shed
  • Garage (with basement and chimney)
  • Large farm house
  • Milk house
  • Windmill used for pumping water

New Ownership

The Zawistowski family bought the farm on January 6, 1942, and have lived on it ever since.