Planning & Zoning

A planning application is required for any new development, certain redevelopment and additions, and changes to the current or future zoning of a parcel.  Please review the application submission deadlines, checklists and fee schedule prior to submitting an application. 

Planning staff are available to help answer any questions or to schedule an appointment and discuss a planning proposal.

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Signs Permits - Permanent and Temporary

Permanent or temporary sign permits are required for any new sign, or alteration, replacement or relocation of an existing sign.  Sign permits go through administrative review with planning staff.

Variances or Appeal of a Decision

Variances allow development to diverge from the standards of the zoning code when the code imposes practical difficulties.  Variances require a public hearing and approval from the Board of Adjustment and Appeals. 

Planning Application Checklists

Zoning Request

Zoning letters are often requested by lenders or real estate professionals looking for verification that a proposed use of property is acceptable per the zoning code.

To request an official zoning letter, please complete the request form and provide a list of questions that you want answered.  We do not provide any calculations (parking, hard-surface cover, etc.) for the site nor do we conduct a site inspection.

Special Events Permit

A special events permit is required for any gathering in the Regional Shopping zoning district.  This can include, but is not limited to: presentations, festivals, carnivals, dances and the display and sale of merchandise, not to exceed three days per event.