Water & Sewer Rates

*NEW* Fee Structure Begins May 1, 2023

The City of Coon Rapids conducted a water utility rate study in 2022 and determined changes in the rate structure are needed to protect the future stability of our most critical infrastructure.

Cover of the Coon Rapids Water Rate Report - 2023 Rates document

View the full report (PDF).

The report includes detailed fee charts projected through 2027, as well as the estimated quarterly impact for average homeowners and businesses.

Prior to 2022, there has not been a rate increase since 2016, and Coon Rapids has not significantly changed the utility rate structure since 2009. Adjustments are needed to plan for long-term maintenance and future upgrades of aging infrastructure.

Rate changes include:

  • New Fixed Rates - Service Charge
    An increase to the service charge (base fee) for all users.
  • New Usage Rates - Tier Charge
    A modified 3-tier structure for residential and multi-family users (Tier 1 & 2 decrease).
    A new 2-tier structure for commercial and industrial users.

Rate changes will go into effect beginning May 1, 2023 for all users.  View the water and sewer rates in the section below.


Fee Structure

Fixed Rates - Service Charge

User Service Charge per Quarter
Residential $21
Multi-family (per unit) $7
Commercial, Industrial, Institutional                      $21

Usage Rates - Residential & Multi-family (per unit) Tiers

Usage per Quarter
Fee per 1,000 Gallons       
Tier 1 - 0 to 15,000 gallons $2.21
Tier 2 - 15,001 to 45,000 gallons $2.76
Tier 3 - More than 45,000 gallons                       $3.45

Usage Rates - Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Tiers

Usage per Quarter Fee per 1,000 Gallons
Tier 1 - 0 to 600,000 gallons $2.21
Tier 2 - More than 600,000 gallons          $2.76

Irrigation Rate - applies to users with separately metered irrigation

Usage per Quarter Fee                               
Per 1,000 gallons                                        $3.45

Sewer Rates - base fee plus winter quarter (or less) consumption

Type of Residence
Base Fee
Min Max
Fee Per
Single Family (SF) $25.50 $49 $101.10
Duplex (Per Unit) $20 $43.63 $95.60 $3.15
Townhouses, Condos,
Mobile Homes (Per Unit)
$12.25 $35.88 $87.85 $3.15
Apartments or Units (Sewer Only) $45.50 N/A N/A N/A
Unmetered residential accounts $68.25 N/A N/A N/A
Townhouses, Condos, Apartment Common
Meter (Per Unit)
$8.50 N/A N/A $3.15
Commercial $57 N/A N/A $3.45
Industrial and Institutional $82 N/A N/A $3.45
Restaurants $85 N/A N/A $3.45

Consumption Fee

The consumption fee is based on the winter quarter (or less) water use. Typically during the winter months, all water used goes into the sewer system. The consumption portion of the charge is directed to the Metropolitan Council which is responsible for treating waste water.

Storm Drain Rates

View Storm Drain Rates here.