Sign Permits

The City of Coon Rapids requires permits for most types of sign installation for businesses and institutions. Permit applications and other information pertaining to signs are listed on this page.

Temporary signs in residential districts, such as real estate or garage sale signs, are allowed without a permit, provided they do not exceed 8 square feet in area and are displayed on the premises being advertised. Signs may not be placed in public rights-of-way or attached to trees or utility poles. Questions related to sign permits and regulations may be directed to the City's Planning Department at 763-767-6430.

  • Temporary Sign Permit Application (PDF). Businesses and institutions can display temporary signs, including banners, streamers, balloons, and portable signs, for up to 60 days per calendar year upon obtaining a Temporary Sign Permit. Up to 3 signs can be displayed under a single permit. The maximum size for a portable sign is 12 square feet. There is no size limitation for banners.
  • Permanent Sign Permit Application (PDF). A Permanent Sign Permit is required for installation or alteration of any permanent building or freestanding sign. Replacing panels on an existing freestanding sign does not require a permit. Private traffic directional signs up to 8 square feet in area are exempt from permit requirements. All permanent sign work  must be done by a sign contractor that is licensed with the City.

  • Sign Regulations. Sign regulations are addressed in Section 11-1203 of City Code.

  • Sign Contractor License Application (PDF). For sign contractors only.  All permanent sign work must be done by a sign contractor that is licensed with the City of Coon Rapids. The application is valid for the calendar year. Licensed sign contractors must provide a current certificate of insurance and City of Coon Rapids or State of Minnesota Sign Contractor Bond.
  • City Sign Contractor Bond Form (PDF).  All sign contractors licensed with the City of Coon Rapids must either hold a City of Coon Rapids or State of Minnesota sign contractor bond.  For contractors not holding a State of Minnesota bond, this form may be used by a bonding company for a City of Coon Rapids sign contractor bond.  The amount of the City bond must be $3,000.