Building Inspections



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We are no longer able 
to send or receive Faxes. 
Applications and plans 
are accepted via email, mail 
or in person.  

Please allow 24 hours to process emails.

Office Hours

8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. M-F

2022 Holidays - Closed

January 17
February 21
May 30
July 4
September 5
November 11
November 24-25
December 26

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Jackson, Nick Building Inspector - Electrical Phone: 763-767-6567  
Smestad, Tracy Administrative Assistant PT Phone: 763-767-6514  
Moellenkamp, Craig Building Inspector Phone: 763-767-6580  
Lang, Joy Permit Technician Phone: 763-767-6574  
Mitlyng, Adam Building Inspector/Plans Examiner Phone: 763-767-6593  
Spiering, Rod Chief Building Official Phone: 763-767-6475  
Stewart, Josh Building Inspector - Mechanical Phone: 763-767-6572  
Vu, Sia Permit Technician Phone: 763-767-6469  
Dukowitz, Eric Building Inspector - Plumbing Phone: 763-767-6592