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Cook Conference Rooms A & B

Subfacility of Coon Rapids Ice Center

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  1. Projection Screen
  2. WiFi

About the Room

The Cook Conference Rooms overlook the outdoor ice sheet and can be used as one large conference room, or they can be broken into two rooms (A or B).  Each room features WiFi and projection screen.

Room Rental Priority Groups

Priority 1 – Any events directly sponsored by the City of Coon Rapids 
Priority 2 – Events conducted by a Coon Rapids Civic, Athletic or Public Organization 
Priority 3 – Events conducted by a Coon Rapids Resident, Coon Rapids Non-Profit, or Coon Rapids business 
Priority 4 – Events conducted by a Non-Coon Rapids Resident

Room Dimensions

 Room Style Size
 A Only 26 feet by 25 feet
 B Only 26 feet by 25 feet
 A & B Together 26 feet by 50 feet

 Seating Capacities

 Style Seating Room Capacity
 Conference Style (A and B together) 32 people
 Classroom Style (A and B together 36 people
 Theater Style (A and B together) 66 people

Rental Pricing - Conference Room A or B Only

TypeHourly Rate
 Priority 2 $8
 Priority 3 $15
 Priority 4 $20

Rental Pricing - Conference Rooms A & B Combined

Type Hourly Rate
Priority 2 $16
Priority 3 $30
Priority 4 $40